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How Social Media Is Helping Local Businesses Soar

original (46)The plethora of social media platforms has certainly become a viable means of marketing for businesses large and small. Local businesses, in particular, gain a distinct advantage when using social media as part of their marketing mix. With more than 70% of consumers conducting a local search and then visiting a nearby search result, and with 50% of those visits occurring within one day of the search, it only makes sense to have a social media profile to build a loyal, local following.

Many small local businesses already know this, as they have discovered how social media marketing can sometimes yield the same results as big budget marketing in a much more cost-effective manner.

Facebook Offers Advanced Targeting Tools

Out of all the social media platforms, Facebook still sees the most users on a daily basis. That’s good news for local businesses, because Facebook’s marketing tools are excellent, offering advanced targeting so that marketing dollars aren’t wasted on low-quality leads.

By creating a Facebook business page and using Facebook’s targeting tools, a business can effectively advertise to exactly who they want, when they want, and as often as they want. That means even consumers in your target market who might not necessarily be searching for your businesses are likely to see your Facebook ad and subsequently join the ranks of your followers.

Instant Promotion, Instant Engagement

Consumers today love interacting with the companies they choose to do business with — it makes them feel more involved and their business more appreciated. Nothing offers more engagement opportunity than social media platforms. Businesses can promote content, ask questions, share interesting news, showcase new products, etc. The possibilities are endless, and with greater opportunity to engage the local community comes increases in brand recognition and customer loyalty.

Low Cost, High ROI

If you shied away from traditional marketing methods such as local television ads or magazine and newspaper placement because of high costs, social media has you covered there as well. You don’t need a big marketing budget to compete with the name brand chain superstores — you can promote and advertise on social media practically for free, or at the very least a few dollars per day. And with a plethora of analytical tools at your disposal, you can see fairly quickly if your marketing efforts need adjustment or if they are working as you planned.

In conclusion, social media affords local businesses the ability to get to know their customers and potential customers better. This leads to better marketing, consumer engagement, brand recognition and, ultimately, digital marketing success at a fraction of the cost.