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Four Tips for Google PPC

shutterstock_369332102A good number of lawyers still rely on old school marketing skills that are not measurable. As a result, they cannot tell if and why their marketing campaign is a success or failure and they end up paying for things that work as well as those that don’t work. Is that worth the effort?

With digital marketing, attorneys and decision makers in the legal sector can become more competitive by eliminating efforts that don’t work and investing more on those that work because digital marketing techniques are measurable. When you have a business website, run a blog or use PPC advertising, you can tell the number of people who visited and viewed your content and also if it was able to influence their decision to contact and hire your law firm.

With Google PPC or pay-per-click advertising, your advert gets to be listed on top of Google search results where your potential customers can easily find you, and you pay only when your advert is clicked upon.  This form of paid advertising is very advantageous in driving traffic to your site fast without much hassle. The problem is that many law firms do not know how to utilize this platform, and many have ended up writing about how PPC ads do not work. The following tips will help your law firm run a successful Google PPC campaign.

1.    PPC needs constant tracking and improvement

Digital advertising is about knowing what works and what doesn’t work and making adjustments. Therefore, if you are not tracking your PPC advertising to know where your every penny is going and how much revenue it is generating, how will you know what and where to adjust for maximum results? By tracking your data, you will make little changes that will lead to your overall PPC ad improvement.

2.    Is your landing page optimized?

It will not be good for you to direct people to a landing page that is not relevant to what is in your ad copy. Also, ensure that your landing page loading time is good because people don’t have time to waste on slow landing pages. Such experiences only give a high bounce rate which is not good for improving your quality score and your PPC campaign in general.

3.    PPC and SEO work well together

While there are people who prefer clicking on PPC adverts, there are also those who prefer organic search results. How much credibility would your firm get if you dominate both paid and organic Google search results?

4.    Research well on keywords

You need to research well on the right keywords to use for your PPC ad campaigns. It does not stop there; you need to research well on negative keywords as well because you will not want these words to show up and end up paying for clicks by people who are not interested in what you are offering. If you are selling wine glasses, you do not need clicks by people looking for eyeglasses.