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5 Steps To Starting With Video Marketing

shutterstock_373945996Most experts will agree that video marketing has become an integral component of digital marketing strategies. Consumers not only have easier access to this type of content but also are more likely to engage with it. If you have not started a video marketing strategy, you should start it now. The following 5 steps will help you to start a video marketing campaign:

Identify your target audience

Whom are you targeting? You have to know the answer to this question to determine the kind of content that you should create. If you know your audience, it will guide the creative direction of your videos: from shooting to editing them. For instance, if you are targeting a younger audience, you should focus on exciting and fast-paced content. However, an older audience might find such videos distracting and disorienting.

Add calls-to-action

Every video needs a call-to-action just like writing does. Once a person finishes watching the video, you should guide him on what to do next. Conclude your videos with a call-to-action that tells the viewer what to do: click on a link or watch another video.

Track your results

You can use a number of metrics to keep track of your videos and determine whether any adjustments are necessary. They include:

  • Percentage of viewers who watch the whole video
  • Number of views
  • The percentage of viewers who follow your calls-to-action

Promote your videos

You need to promote your videos if you want people to watch them. Do this by posting them to a number of social media sites or plugging them into your email newsletters. You can also use your PPC ads to direct users to your videos. Make sure that you encourage the viewer to share, comment, or like your videos after watching them. This will help in increasing exposure.

Invest in production

Even if it is easy to make a video on your phone, it is worth it to invest in video production. What will set you apart from your competition? High quality videos will make you stand out. If you have the funds, you should consider hiring a marketing agency to market your videos. The following are the vital parts of a high quality video production:

  • HD quality – all your videos need to be shot in HD. A Standard Definition video will not look good on most screens today, instantly turning off viewers, who might never return to your site.
  • Lighting – if you want to know an amateur video, just look at the lighting. Good background lighting helps in adding depth to your videos, making them look professional and high quality.
  • Sound quality – you should not use in-camera sound. You should invest in a lavelier or shotgun microphone to make sure that the sound is easy to hear and crisp clear. If the viewer has to turn the volume all the way up to hear what you are saying, he might not bother coming back.